Would you change your attitudes to learning English at the University if you could?

If I could change the attitude towards teaching English at the institute, I would have done more practice for students. It would be interesting to communicate with the British face to face, hear the original English. It could be that students stay in touch with some people from abroad. Internet can help in this. Students would see the use of their knowledge in everyday life.

My personal experience in using I-net for learning English

If you want to improve English language Internet can help you too. There are many articles in English on the Internet. Students can find many interesting information in English. They can use different programs for learning foreign words, phrases, sentences. Internet gives us a unique opportunity to communicate with people living abroad. Today it is not a big problem. Just have the English for this. In my opinion, this is a great incentive for students learning English.

I work in a small school. My students do not have internet at home so I can not use the Internet for bilateral communication with my students. But the Internet is very important for me when I’m preparing for lessons. I can find a variety of images, download the presentation for science, songs for music lessons and holidays, handouts of the lessons and various tips for young teachers on the Internet. Internet helps me in my work.

The needs for present education in schools in the aspect of successful use of the I-net tools for teaching English.

Development communication is a high level in the present. few people knew about the Internet and even fewer had to use it at home 5 years ago. And now it will not surprise anybody. Even a small child can use it. But our education system does not develop in this area. Our training facilities are outdated. Children do not become interested in school. Therefore, knowledge of students is reduced. This is one of the problems of the modern school.

One way to solve this problem is to use the Internet to teach students.

for example, a teacher can give the task through a mailbox, and students respond to him this way. This is very beneficial when a student is sick and can not attend school for a long time.

You can create a system of exercises performed to the Internet.

use of such means of training would be good for shy students as well.

Unfortunately this is a problem because not all schools, teachers and students can use the Internet.