My impression

I was present at the training conducted by American volunteers.

It was in the Rivne State Humanitarian University on Sunday, February 19. I heard a lot of interesting information about the peculiarities of student writing works about the structure of the writing during the works. I am sure that these exercises are very useful in my work at school.

It was also interesting to hear live buzhe English.

If newborn babies could talk, what would they say?

Each of us was a newborn baby. But we are not the same standing. What could say babies?
Maybe children is that God sends angels to people. When these angels is born, they tell us about a paradise, about other angels. Sometimes, when his parents quarreling, this little angel wants to calm and to reconcile them. He cries when it fails.

Pity, but with time we destroy angels in children. They learn to be angry, deceiving like us.

Building a Better World in Olympic spirit.

If you ever conceived what the Olympic games? Possibly in order to determine which nation stronger. Possible to make much money. Maybe for fame.
I have the other opinion. Today’s world full of technology and innovations. They allow us to sit at home and to do different jobs at the same time. we can eat fast food and than special belts trying to cure all diseases. But is there a goal and ideal in this life? 
But when the Olympics begin, I always  look at these brave and strong-willed people with enthusiasm. They have a goal of life. Every day of their life is a step to their goal.
I think we must learn perseverance and will power them.

What is the difference between loving and being in love?

Love…All people all over the world thinking about this problem. This problem are started from people’s born and continued to be all their life.

There are many different love in our life. It’s love of our parents, children, friends, boy- or girlfriend. All of this love are different.

Saintifics say that love emotions. It continue to be only 4 years. Then it will be die. We can’t say is it true or wrong, but  I love my parents and will love all my life.

Of course, my parents love me too but what about love of boys and girls? I think it more expesial. Very ofhen we are loving of some person which don’t loving us. It can be very hard for our heart some times. But in other side, it’s very nice, when you are loving some person. You begin to dream, to write poems and songs. You begin to be happy.

It also nice, when somebody love you. You know that you are beautiful, lovely and only one of all world for someone. But some times it’s so hard, beacose you can’t help for this person. He or she fealling so bed some times. The best situation when you are being in love and loving one person.

Love is magic. It living in our heart. We must keep it there all our life.