How to Write Different type of Essays?

back friends to another presentation of my course in this video I should tell you about different types of essays and how to write them but before I start can you tell me what is an essay okay let me tell you an essay is a short piece of original non-fiction writing simple right most students don’t know how many types of essays are there and that’s why they got satisfactory marks in their examination and assignments in this video I should tell you about different types of essays and also how you can write them so let’s start different types of essays in academic writing so generally there are five different types of essays as following one persuasive essay two descriptive essay three analytical essay four narrative essay five informative essay there is also another kind essay that is argumentative essay but it is most like the persuasive essay so I have excluded argumentative one let’s proceed to the next slide of this presentation persuasive essay persuasive essay is a type of essay where you have to give your opinion about the topic you are being provided with in this type of essay you have to convince the reader about your opinion and provide some evidence for the support of your essay the example of possessive essay does social media create isolation or is society too dependent on technology how to write a persuasive essay persuasive essay is basically your opinion about a certain topic or issue for example when you asked about writing on the social media creates isolation then you have to put your views on either supporting or negating the topic you can put your views on this topic that although social media is a great way to remain connected with your childhood friends that are residing all over the world but still excess use of it is harmful for the psychological and physical health of any person persuasive writing must feed to a precise conclusion about the topic and have to convince the readers about your opinion and its validity remember that you have to provide something else in your conclusion don’t provide the summary of what you have written in the main body of your essay so let’s proceed to the next presentation narrative essay narrative essay is a type of essay where you are being asked to narrate a story just like writing a short story or novel narrative essay mist has a beginning part and middle part and finally an end part examples of narrative essay what if I could go back in time or my favorite superpower narrative essays are actually provided to examine your power of thinking and your imagination so let’s proceed to the next slide how to write a narrative essay narrative essay is basically like a test of your imagination and explanation skills for example when you are asked about writing what would you do if you could go back in time then you would probably first have to think about the beginning a middle and then an end part of a narrative essay you can choose a beginning part that you would like to go back in the school days when you met with your first crush then you can narrate the whole story what would you do after meeting her at school while creating a middle and then the end part precisely sometimes you would also be asked to write about biography of a famous personality in this case you can search the internet and do thorough research on that person and then provide a precise introduction and main body part and conclusion to your essay then after thorough analysis of the biography of that person you can simply write a narrative essay about that person descriptive essay descriptive essay is a type of essay where you have to describe about a person place or thing that you like most or you would be asked to write about any topic after doing a thorough research your descriptive essay must contain details that you know about the topic you can easily recognize a descriptive essay from its title examples of a descriptive essay are describe your favorite personality or old model or describe your best summer vacation how to write a descriptive essay a descriptive essays your test about how effectively you can observe and explain your experience is about a person place topic or thing you can easily recognize a descriptive essay by the question like describe your vacation or something like that for example if you asked to write about your favorite summer vacation then you have to write your views memory and imagination to describe that enjoyable event in your life you can write about how you enjoy walking up the mountains while you have visited the famous hill station or how you enjoyed the ride on a boat while visiting a lake sometimes you are also asked to describe some events like a sunset raining or something like that and here you can explain the color shape and size of clouds and environment during the sunset etc now fourth one is analytical essay an analytical essay generally refers to a type of essay where we have to analyze something all we have to do some judgments and evaluations on the basis of the subject sometimes some graphs images or and other kinds of information are also provided to you by the essay briefing document in other words you can say that you have to analyze the topic and write about it in brief analytical essay generally starts from words like why or what examples of analytical essay what causes love-at-first-sight or why do people lie how to write an analytical essay when you are going to start your analytical essay then first you have to analyze the literature images graphs and other kinds of information associated with it then you have to provide a strong thesis statement to your reader once you make a strong thesis statement then you can support the thesis with the proofs available in the literature and the relevant information also provide your opinions on the thesis statement for example when you write about what causes love at first sight then you can use your mind and tell the reader that love at first sight is just like an intuition then you can provide a thesis statement that love at first sight is only an intuition of the psychology of the human being that got attracted to the beauty of a person however it is only attraction in most of the cases while writing an analytical essay you must remember that it is not only summery and you have to put some strong evidence and points in front of the reader to make your essay more precise once you put your thesis statement the you also have to provide the conclusion in support of your thesis statement so finally the fifth one is informative essay informative essays where you have to inform the reader about anything that you like anything or acquainted with or make yourself acquainted with after the research so in this type of essay you have to inform the reader about anything that you know or anything you are familiar with just like your favorite sports or your favorite TV show your favorite movies etc you have to inform your reader about your knowledge or expertise so that you should convince the reader that you have got a perfect information on that issue or a topic informative essay includes the details that you know as a writer on the subject and you must pass the details accurately to your reader examples of informative essay write an essay about domestic violence or about poverty and its effects how to write an informative essay writing an informative essay becomes easy when you are acquainted with the topic for example suppose that you have to write an essay about your favorite sports then you can easily write an informative essay about your favorite sports like soccer however you must remember that your reader may or may not be much acquainted with your favorite sports it would be possible that his favorite sports is not soccer or soccer is not a favorite sports in his or her country so he may or may not have a precise knowledge of what soccer is so you have to write in a simple way about why you like soccer and what are the some common rules of playing this sport so that you can convince the reader that soccer is your favorite sport and you have an enough information on the topic meanwhile if you are asked to write about something you are not acquainted with then you first do a thorough research on the topic from the internet and other sources and then when you think that you have enough information then you can write an essay on the topic so this was the presentation to teach you about the main types of essays you can refer to the main page of our website for more information

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